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Hosting, Email, SSL & Custom CMS
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Hosting, Email, SSL & Custom CMS

Hosting & Email

Managed hosting and provisioned email.

Custom CMS

Custom content management systems for when off-the-shelf solutions are no longer practicable.

SSL Security

Affordable SSL certificates for those who must provide a secure e-commerce platform on their site.


Examples of Custom CMS by WebTeks CMS.


Online Phone Directories CMS

Security Officer Practice Exam

Online Testing System CMS


Online Ticket Reservation Engine


WebTeks CMS services

  • Hosting & Email

    Managed Hosting

    WebTeks procures and commoditizes managed hosting and email services. Special focus is given to keeping recurring cost predictable and at a minimum.

  • Customized CMS

    Content Management Systems

    WebTeks builds CMS on behalf of those whose needs are in excess of the functionality provided by the off-the-shelf CMSs.

  • SSL

    Secure Sales Pages

    WebTeks provides SSL encryption and integration with payment processors.

  • Virtual Office

    Voice Communications

    WebTeks enables clients to consolidate their voice communications tools into a virtual office infrastructure.

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